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Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Make Up

Micro-Pigmentation (Semi Permanent Make Up) is an advanced procedure also known as Cosmetic Tattooing. This is a highly skilled technique which involves implanting pigments into the dermis using the latest technology digital machine. Anaesthetic cream is used to numb the skin, procedure performed by Master Technician.
Micro-Pigmentation is used to enhance the appearance by creating a more permanently enhanced brow (making it more defined and shaped). It is also used to create a more defined lip line as it gives a more youthful appearance to the lip. Eyes can be more defined with lash enhancement giving a fuller look to either the base of the upper lash line or the lower lash line.

Who can benefit?
People with very busy schedules, people who suffer from allergies, people with athletic or sporting interests, people who suffer from alopecia, people who want to look their best at ALL times, people who have suffered burns or scarring.
Free consultation. A skin test is required 48 hours prior to any of the procedures below.

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